General Rules

We’re almost positive that we’re the only restaurant with bocce courts in Orlando, so if you want to play, you’re pretty much forced to come eat pizza and drink beer with us. It’s an anaerobic, sweat-free game and therefore goes perfectly with our Lazy Moon style.

The rules? Simple. Two teams. 4 balls per team and then one little white “target” ball. Each team tries to hit the little white ball. Most importantly, a “counter weight,” or beer, is required in the opposite hand of your throwing hand. This will eliminate any unbalanced motions that may have otherwise occurred.

Our courts are open and free to all patrons, so come in a play.

Want the longer version of the rules? Here ya go:

Bocce is played with 8 large balls and one smaller target ball (also called the jack).

There are 4 balls to a side, or team, and they are made in two colors to distinguish the balls of one team from the 4 balls of the opposing team.

A coin toss determines which team has the jack and which color balls that team selects. Whichever team wins the coin toss throw the jack.

The same player throwing the jack must throw the first bocce ball. The opposing team will then deliver their bocce balls until the point is taken or they have exhausted their 4 balls.

The ‘nearest ball’ rule governs the sequence of thrown balls. The side whose bocce is the closest to the jack is called the ‘in’ ball and the opposing side the ‘out’ ball. Whenever a team gets ‘in,’ it steps aside and allows the ‘out’ team to throw.

A team has the option of ‘spocking’ or hitting out any ball in play in trying to obtain a point, or decreasing the opposing team’s points.

At the end of each frame (when both teams have exhausted 4 balls each), a designated official under the scrutiny of the captain or designee of each team, will determine the points scored.

Teams score points from all balls closer to the jack than the closest ball of the opposing team, which can be determined by sight or measuring device.

In the event that the two balls closest to the jack belong to opposing teams and are exactly the same distance from the jack, no points will be awarded, and the jack returns to the team which delivered it.

Only balls which are distinguishably closer to the jack than any opponent’s balls may be awarded points.